Traditional Invoicing & E-Invoicing5 min read

Traditional Invoicing & E-Invoicing5 min read

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Thanks to technology, things have also accelerated in the financial world. Considering the time and money that digitalization brings to companies, we can see that we need to leave primitive solutions behind. We want everyone to benefit from the innovations we have developed to shorten the processes of companies regarding payments and invoices. We want to ease the workload of companies and enable them to easily manage their finances with electronic invoicing, where errors are minimized, transactions are shorter and automated at the maximum level.

In traditional invoicing processes, processes such as preparing, sending and approving invoices used to cause late payments and result in a prolonged process for both parties. Considering the paper and ink used for each invoice, it’s clear how great savings online invoices offer. It is really annoying in most companies that even the tiniest mistake has the potential to cause the process to go back to the very beginning. Since e-invoiced can be prepared and sent out through the software, all processes can be finalized within seconds. Online invoices issued electronically and online payments made in return can be easily and quickly checked through a single platform.

In terms of security, which is one of the most important issues between buyers and sellers, paper invoices raise many concerns, but these concerns can be eliminated with e-invoicing. The invoice format cannot be changed in the digital environment and invoice sharing can be done quickly through a secure system. Companies using Speedy payment systems can handle invoicing in a simple way with a powerful system. Businesses using Speedy can not only send and receive invoices, but also see the list of their customers and their past transactions within the same system. When you think that all invoices and customers are stored in physical files, you realize that over time things get complicated and space is required for storage, which may lead to many negative consequences. Moreover, the risk of damage to paper invoices is very high. However, online invoices are safely stored and backed up in digital environment.

Humans can make mistakes, but a well-developed system does not. In Speedy, billing information can be read automatically by the system and all necessary data is transferred to the system quickly. When all data entry is done manually, the difference will be huge when compared to using the Speedy system. When paying according to the invoice amount, it is not possible to have an error in the invoice amount electronically. Moreover, Speedy supports global payment methods as well.

Although electronic invoicing has advantages such as saving time and money as well as minimizing errors, another advantage that should not be overlooked is that it is environmentally friendly. By eliminating the use of paper, online invoices help prevent reduction of green spaces around us.

Speedy, which you can use as if you were using your bank account, is simpler and better because it offers solutions that fit your needs. All your business needs are presented to you on a single platform. Starting to use Speedy will be the biggest step for you to manage your business in the best way.