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Speedy’s Online Payment Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses5 min read

Speedy’s Online Payment Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses5 min read

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Launching a brand new business is a tough path. Do you remember the very moment you decided to create this business establishment? 

Your excitement! 




As entrepreneurs ourselves once, we exactly know how you feel. You have gone  through various obstacles and you finally launched your e-commerce site. Congratulations!

You may think that the toughest times are over! Unfortunately, to be frank, it has just started! No matter whether you own an online shopping site on glassblowing from Murano or mastic delicacies from Chios, to keep up with the times is a must in this competitive sector. You can not limit your checkout page with a handful of payment options. This approach will also limit your target market and expansion in the sector. Therefore, you need to place conventional payment solutions on a larger scale.

Last research underlines that 73% of online shoppers abandon their checkouts without purchasing. These cart abandonments have multiple reasons. Some online shoppers think of the cart as a ‘’Favorites List’’ for future purchases whereas others realize that the online site has a limited selection of payment methods which does not include theirs. There are multiple ways to break this chain and reduce the number of cart abandonments.

At this point, Speedy takes a step forward among other online payment solutions with its user-oriented principles! We have created a seamless payment platform with various advantages. Are you exhausted by delays in payments? Do you have some issues to track your cash flow? Has to list invoices become the most time consuming effort in your business? Can’t you focus on your company because of the paperwork? You are not alone anymore. You have Speedy!

Once you start using Speedy, you will instantly realize our benefits. Initially, every new member is unique for Speedy. We know every enterprise has different concerns, needs, principles and target market. Thus, our business payment methods can not be fit in one mold. Years of experience on the field have taught us various paths to create the optimum transaction options for business owners. Our professional advisors will provide you customized solutions and connections to expand your business worldwide. 

As a subject we will all agree with, functional invoicing is the pillar of business no matter if it is for import, export or local purposes. Speedy is mostly known for its avant-garde invoice technology. All you need is to drop your invoice to our folder. Thanks to our innovative programme, your paper will be read automatically and filed with crucial details such as subject Client, Products, VAT, Amount and Due Date. You do not have to worry about human errors, post costs or delays in communication. All your invoices, transactions and schedules are kept in one reliable place. All categorized, detailed and accessible any time of the day. 

Speedy serves the very best of all payment solutions for any company in any sector. Join us now and let’s shape the propitious business plan that you have been looking for so far! 

Together we can go further!