Paperless Invoicing5 min read

Paperless Invoicing5 min read

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Since there is an invoice wherever there is a sale in business life, companies have been showing the details of their sale on paper invoices for years. Buyer and seller information, product and service details sold, prices, and all other sales conditions are included in the invoice which is an important document for both parties. Finance department personnel who use paper invoices know that this process is actually not easy at all. Paperless invoicing has been replacing this method, which will not be considered a good choice both in terms of time and cost.

How paperless invoicing matters

First, let’s take a look at the differences between paper invoices and paperless invoicing. If the paper invoice is filled by hand, the paper cost increases and it takes a significant amount of time for the issuer. Not to mention the time it takes for processes such as scanning to send that invoice digitally after issuing a paper invoice or, even worse, sending it by post. Moreover, the person who issues the invoice should not make any mistakes because invoices are official documents and cannot be changed. Since customers will pay according to the invoice amount, incorrect invoices will also slow down the business flow of the enterprise. With the increased use of electronic solutions in accounting, processes involving invoices have started to be done faster. Although the spread of e-commerce requires websites that sell online to issue many invoices during the day, invoicing is now much easier thanks to digital processing. Among the advantages of a digital invoice are the practicality it provides, lack of need to repeat writing the same information over and over, environmentally friendly processing, and absence of risk of loss.

How do I go paperless with invoice?

As a starting point, you need to have software for paperless invoicing. You can create and send invoices digitally using the software where you can save your company information and create an invoice template. Speedy provides you with great convenience in terms of speed, which is the most important aspect among all other advantages of digital invoices. Once you upload your invoice thanks to the drag and drop feature, you will see that Speedy will automatically read all invoice data. You can send the invoice to your customer via email on Speedy or you can share the link to your invoice provided on the tool, using another method of contact. When the paper invoices were in use, there used to be payments which were delayed due to the long preparation and sending process of the invoice, but now you have the chance to send your invoices online immediately and receive your payments quickly thanks to the digital processing.

For small businesses that bill less, the benefits of digital invoices may not be easy to understand, but they need to keep up with technology if they want to grow further. Large businesses have saved a lot of time and money thanks to paperless invoicing. In addition, large companies are expected to take responsibility for many things, so an environmentally friendly billing method is of paramount importance. Like other companies, you can increase the effectiveness of your company by learning how to use Speedy services.