Ola Brazil!5 min read

Ola Brazil!5 min read

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We’re more than happy to announce that has opened its doors for Brazilian customers now. As you may know with its avant-garde digital banking app which has a rightful reputation for its user-oriented approach and five stars customer support leading you to benefit from our seamless services in Brazil.

Everything your business needs in one place! 

Are you exhausted from the endless documentation in traditional banking systems? Do you feel fed up with waiting in the queue just to make one single application for a regular bank account? Can’t you track your transactions effectively in your old-fashioned bank’s digital banking application? Done with delayed invoices? No worries! We are here to help!

Being one of the most innovative online banking services in the sector, creates a spectacular platform for business owners. We, as entrepreneurs ourselves, totally understand your concerns and come with custom-made payment solutions for your company in order to expand your target market.

Invoicing and Money Transfer – We have your back! 

With years of experience in the sector, Speedy has the vision to monitor all required data. We will be following your company transactions and inform you of any delays or unpaid invoices. What makes us unique is our user-oriented approach. Therefore, for your extra demands Speedy will be ready to respond. Would you like monthly reports? Instant invoices? Statistics of your growing business? No problem at all. Speedy will perform just like a spectacular crew of accountants who are ready to serve you 24/7/365. An accountant with no human errors. Neither popping out expenses nor misunderstandings! Amazing! Right?

Once you have your Speedy PJ payment account cooperating with PIX, PECflash, Boleto, Credit Cards, Bank transfers and many more, you will be amazed how convenient it is to send and receive money transfers through us.  Additively, we want to underline that, as an innovative company, new payment options will be added to our portfolio day by day.

Just drop your invoice and Speedy will get it!

Thanks to our advanced technological basis, we have developed a system where all you need is to upload your invoices. Speedy will read it automatically and create your file including client’s name, product lists, VATs, costs and fees. In minutes, you will have a detailed file of your transaction. No messy paperwork! Simple and double quick!

Reais! Reais! Reais! 

Speedy aims to be transparent and beneficial! We serve all kinds of transactions in your fiat currency, Brazilian Real! Thus, whilst you are exporting your products internationally in various currencies, you can also buy from your local suppliers in local currency. This is a tremendous plus to sustain money flow efficiently between your business and corporations. Furthermore, there is no place for hidden fees and compulsive exchange rates here. Always be sure that Speedy provides the best exchange rates in your favour. Speedy multi-currency account will open a new era and you will never mess with insatiable intermediary firms for different fiat currencies again! Finally!

Join Speedy today and step into our world full of advantages! 

Focus on expanding your business whereas we are taking care of everything else! 

Get ready to go far beyond your dreams with Speedy!

Stay tuned, Brazil! Superb days are loading…