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Movies for Entrepreneurs: 6 Suggestions to Inspire your Business10 min read

Movies for Entrepreneurs: 6 Suggestions to Inspire your Business10 min read

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The business world is full of inspiring stories. Some are so remarkable that they were adapted for movie screens and won the hearts of thousands of people.

They are stories of overcoming difficulties that show that undertaking may not be so easy. But for those who believe, the end of the story could be a million-dollar deal.

Watch now 6 film titles for entrepreneurs with stories that will inspire your business.


1. Jobs

The plot shows how the personality of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, one of the most creative minds in the world, caused him some problems, such as a dismissal for bad behavior.

This shows us that just being good at what you do is not enough. Knowing how to manage a team and having emotional intelligence are equally important for your business

Year: 2013
Available on: Netflix

Lesson from the film: believe in your project, even if for many people it seems useless, and create something that people deeply want.

Remember: people buy what they want or what will solve a problem they have.


2. The Founder

The film, inspired by the biography of Ray Kroc, tells the story of the most popular fast-food chain in the world: McDonald’s.

In it, the public can see details about how the network became a true empire.

Michael Keaton, the actor who performs Ray Kroc, is responsible for telling the story, which involves a lot of ambition, persistence, and even cruelty.

Year: 2016

Where to watch: Netflix

Lesson from the movie: self-confidence is the word. Even if you have many competitors, they are not like you. Focus on what makes your business unique.


3. Joy

The film tells the true story of Joy Mangano, an American entrepreneur known for a series of inventions.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence plays a young divorcee and mother of three, who tries to change the situation in which she lives.

Among the various inventions she made, one gained public attention: the Miracle Mop! It was a simple mop that didn’t need to be wrung out.

Despite being discredited at first, when her invention debuted on TV, she sold 18,000 mops. Today Joy Mangano’s fortune exceeds 920 million euros.

Year: 2015

Where to watch: Star +

Lesson from the movie: people will not always buy your ideas. So don’t give up on your dream when facing some difficulty.

The next on our list of movies for entrepreneurs tells a story of overcoming and resilience.


4. Whiplash

This film is not specifically about the business world, but it brings a valuable lesson to any entrepreneur, which is effort and persistence.

In the film, a young man dreams of becoming the best jazz drummer at the music conservatory where he studies.

To help him in this endeavor, he has a strict teacher who is always demanding high performance from the young man.

Year: 2015

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Star+, Apple TV

Lesson from the film: the film shows that effort, continuity, persistence, and repetition are the ingredients that every entrepreneur needs to achieve success.

Now, check out a special selection from our list of best films for entrepreneurs straight from Bollywood.


5. Padman

Padman is an Indian production that tells the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, an entrepreneur who invented a low-cost tampon for the poorest women in India.

Despite the public humiliation and resistance he faced for dealing with a topic considered taboo in the country, the entrepreneur did not stop following his purpose, which was to transform the reality of women in India.

Year: 2018
Available on: Netflix

Lesson from the film: persistence to follow his purpose, even if no one supported him, and humility to learn about people’s needs before proposing a solution.

Another inspiring film to feature on our list of movies for entrepreneurs brings a story of overcoming and persistence.


6. Self Made

This film tells the story of the first black woman to become a millionaire in the United States after building a beauty products empire.

The film is based on a true story and tells the difficulties of a poor black woman in the United States when trying to create her brand of hair products.

Upon being prevented by her partner from representing the brand for not meeting the beauty standards of the time, the character decides to undertake on her own and create her line of products aimed at black women.

Year: 2020

Available on: Netflix

Lesson from the movie: trust your potential and discover your customers’ pain points. Develop a solution that solves your audience’s problem and use storytelling to generate connections and sell more.

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