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Irrepressible Growth of Digital Banking! – The Latest Digital Banking Trends of Today!6 min read

Irrepressible Growth of Digital Banking! – The Latest Digital Banking Trends of Today!6 min read

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The footsteps of digital banking have heard the rapid rise of the internet in our lives. Actually, the biggest step was the acceptance of it as an intertwined base by the financial sector. The mighty Internet is connecting not only people but also all the finances around the globe today. Would you like to remember how we used to transfer money through brick-and-mortar banks? The chaos, logginess, the numbers and more than this, standing up on a suffocating bank branch in the time we could enjoy with our loved ones! Thanks to the growth of digital banking today, all the banks fit our pocket and are ready 24/7 to assist us through our operations. 

What is Digital Banking?

In a nutshell, the definition of Digital Banking is the digitization of every level, from front- to back-end, of traditional banking. Is your mortgage payment tomorrow and it is a national holiday? Have you finally found your dream home but you have no idea how to send earnest money? Is it a great moment to dispose of your Chinese Yuans? There are thousands of similar scenarios we can face in our daily routine. But no worries! This is why digital banking is for. To serve you exchanges, money transfer and online payments wherever and whenever you need. Therefore, if you are utilising mobile banking, the sky’s the limit!  It is not difficult to understand why globalization occurred in the banking sector initially! Right? 

How about the current digital banking trends to ease your life and open you a new era to have full control of your assets?

  • Rapid Rise of Online Transactions

Are we surprised? No! Since the messy Covid-19 Pandemic hit, numbers of online transactions have accelerated significantly! The reason is simple; our “Keep Your Distance” motto in New Normal (!). How many of our readers do not purchase services and products online? In a world where Yoga classes are on the Zoom, why to step out from your clean comfort zone for a headphone? According to the latest research, online payments have tripled since Covid-19 jumped to the stage. 

  • A Wider Selection of Banking Products

It would be unfair to limit digital banking with money transfers. No! It is much more than that! Besides tracking your payments, and performing your transactions hassle-free, you can also  view stock market, trendy shares and foreigner fiat currencies to take your position. Furthermore, taking a loan or applying for a mortgage are feasible whereas you can consider different drawback schemes.  

  • Escalated Security for Personal and Financial Data 

Digital Banking providers understand your rightful sensitivity and most of the companies provide solid privacy solutions to encrypt all the circulating data in order to make it impossible to be read for third parties. Actually, the rise of digital banking brought with it technological innovations. Due to them, two-factor authorization and transaction confirmation in mobile banking improves substantially. Moreover, digital banking apps require you to log in with your Fingerprint.

  • Customized Solutions for Different Needs

Whilst traditional banking puts everyone’s feet to one shoe, digital banking services are tailor-made and adjusted according to client’s needs and interests. Plus, the artificial intelligence of these applications will learn repetitive actions to serve better and offer conventional transaction plans. Just like a private account analyst! 

In Speedy digital banking, we provide personalized remedies to your business in order to lift the burden on your shoulders and carry your company further together!