How to Trade with MT5?21 min read

How to Trade with MT5?21 min read

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Choosing the ideal platform can be a challenge for the investor. After all, there are several options on the market, which can confuse those who are starting this journey. One such tool is Metatrader 5, or MT5 as it is more commonly known.

It is an extremely modern software used by investors who carry out operations on the Stock Exchange.

In this article, we will show you how this important platform works and how you can access it.



What is MT5?

MT5 is one of the trading platforms available on the market, which can be used as a tool for sending your buy and sell orders on the Stock Exchange, in addition to serving as a means of monitoring the market.

This tool is the most used in the world and is considered by many investors to be one of the best on the market.

MT5 was created in the year 2005 by the company MetaQuotes Software Corporate. The idea was to build an electronic trading platform that would offer investors, especially traders, the possibility of viewing complete charts so that they could make their investment decisions.

Despite being aimed at traders, thanks to its variety of functions, MT5 has fallen in love with investors who remain positioned for more days, and not just with those who perform Swing Trade or Day Trade operations.

It can be installed both on a computer and on a smartphone and will be directly connected to the server of your investment bank or brokerage firm.


What is MT5 used for?

Making decisions about buying and selling assets should take into account several factors, including market sentiment, news, economic and political scenarios, in addition to data from the asset you intend to move.

MT5, therefore, is a platform that provides relevant data to help you invest more safely.

It is also widely used in the technical analysis of assets, which is market research that uses charts, indicators, and price movements to make decisions.

With this platform you can use charts and indicators in real-time, and also:

  • Receive news and quotes online;
  • Execute trading operations;
  • Control and manage open positions, as well as pending orders;
  • Create custom indicators;
  • Test strategies through the simulator mode;
  • Perform operations through an automated system (robots).

One detail worth mentioning is the security of MT5. It uses the highest standards of encryption and protection regarding data exchange between the investment bank and the server terminal. In addition, the platform also provides digital signatures that further reduce the possibility of fraud in operations.


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How does the MT5 platform work?

MT5 is a software that works through licensing. Your broker or investment bank provides access to the platform. For this, you need to enable it on the institution’s investment platform website. Once this is done, you will receive, within two business days, the download link and the credentials to access and use it.

In this sense, the server that allows signal routing to access market information is administered by the institution with which you have a relationship.


What is the difference between MT4 and version number 5?

The company that created the system has two versions of MetaTrader: the one we are discussing in this article and another called Metatrader 4 which is still used by many investors to this day.

There is a marked difference in the formatting code of both platforms, which makes it impossible for Metatrader 4 to provide some functions, such as partial execution of orders, order book, economic calendar, and multilingual standard, among others.

However, there is a difference that puts Metatrader 5 in a completely different position from the previous version: the fact that MT5 allows trading in options, stocks, and futures markets, all on the Stock Exchange.

How to download MT5?

Now that you understand what MT5 is, let’s move on to the practical part of the process, that is, downloading and configuring the platform. The first step, therefore, is to enable the platform on your investment bank’s website and wait for the email to be received, containing the download link and access data.

Once this is done, you will download the system and install it on your computer. The process is quite simple, however, the platform was developed only for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The use of the Mac OS system will depend on emulators that allow the use of applications developed for Windows.

However, such software may not offer enough stability to ensure that other applications – including the MT5 platform – perform normally.

With this information in mind, select the installation path or simply leave it the way the system presented it. Click on the “Ok” button and the process will start. The download wizard will download all necessary files to your computer.


How to configure MT5

Having understood how to install the platform, let’s explain one more crucial step for its correct functioning: the configuration. MT5, as you already know, is a practical and versatile platform that you can use both on your computer and your cell phone.


MT5 mobile

With the expansion of technology, many of the day-to-day tasks started to be performed through a smartphone. With that in mind, many trading platform developers have opened their eyes to the need to offer tools that allow the execution of orders or, simply, monitor the market, through mobile devices.

With that, MT5 Mobile was created. It allows the investor to install Metatrader 5 adapted to a mobile version, for tablet or smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

To configure the platform on the Android phone, click on the icon that appears in the upper left corner. In the iOS version, click on “Settings” in the lower right corner.

In this item, on Android, you will find the options:

  • Advanced mode, where you can configure the view of the quotes window;
  • Sounds, where you can choose to be notified by sound about market activities, such as opening, and changing order status, among others;
  • One-click trading, which allows the execution of trades without further confirmation by the investor. This can be a function that makes life easier for the trader, but it should be used with great caution.

On iOS, you’ll find the options:

  • New Account, an item used to configure the first access, as well as the others;
  • News, where market news will be available;
  • Messages, an option that shows the entire history of notifications sent by push;
  • Interface, which only changes the application’s interface language to one of the 23 available, without the need to change the device’s language;
  • Charts, where you configure chart items, such as the type – bar, line or candlesticks –, colors, history visualization;
  • Among other items.


MT5 desktop

The traditional version of the platform makes it possible to use all the features available on it, such as order automation. Thus, to configure most of the main functions of MT5, you can access the “Tools” menu and click on the “Options” item or type “CTRL+O” on your keyboard.

Some of the available settings tabs include:

  • Server, which allows the configuration of connection parameters to the server and the proxy server;
  • Graphics, where it is possible to modify image visualization parameters and use of objects in this item;
  • Trading concerns settings relevant to new orders, lot amounts, and stop orders;
  • Events allow configuring the sending of notifications related to events in the system, such as incoming news;
  • Among other items.


How to login to MT5?

After enabling MT5 in your brokerage or investment bank, downloading and installing the platform, you must proceed to the login step.

First, you must click in the top left menu on “File”, then on the option “Open an account”. Once this is done, a new window will open on your screen. In the blank field, you must enter the server received by email.

When typing the address, click on “Find your brokerage” and then on the icon that will appear below. In the next window, three options will appear on the screen, however, you must select the option “Connect to an existing trading account”, where you will enter in the blank fields, respectively, the credentials received by email.

What are the main features of MT5?

Now, we will show you the main functionalities that MT5 can offer to the investor. Keep reading!


Scalper and Flex

Scalper and Flex are exclusive plugins for MT5. With them, it is possible to send buy and sell orders to the market with just one click, in addition to being able to automate trailing stop orders and reset positions, among other features, all in a single ticket.

Still on the Stop, it is possible to program it so that it moves immediately to the entry price. To do this, just click on the Breakeven button. Thus, as you execute a partial exit order, your Stop will automatically be directed to the entry price, preventing certain trades from losing money.

It is also possible to liquidate all your open positions without having to search for each one on open charts. This can be done by clicking on the reset button. Another interesting feature of these slips is the “revert” option.

In this case, it is possible to reset your current position and enter the operation again with the same amount you were positioned in the asset, however, in the opposite direction, taking advantage of a very quick opportunity of a movement that is happening in the market.



Indicators are one of the main tools of graphical analysis. With them, it is possible to identify similar market movements, trace supports and resistances, as well as important price marks, such as adjustment of previous periods, for example.

MT5 provides dozens of pre-configured indicators, that is, they are native to the tool itself. To insert an indicator, just click on the “insert” tab and select the one you want.

An interesting differential of MT5 is the possibility of importing indicators that are not programmed in the platform. Therefore, it is possible to download a certain indicator and install it on your platform. This feature makes MT5 one of the platforms with the most indicators in the world.


Change or recovery of quotation password

Changing or recovering your password on MT5 is very simple and can be done using your smartphone. With the platform App installed on your device, you must go to the section called “Accounts”.

Then click on the “Change Password” option. It’s worth noting that this password change will apply to your current account. After clicking on the option, you must inform the current password, as well as your identification code to access the platform. After checking both data, just click next to finalize the change.

Another way to request a new password is by contacting your investment bank, which will send you a new temporary password in a few minutes. For greater security, when accessing with the temporary password, the platform itself will ask you to register a new password.


What is the cost of hiring MT5?

Generally, complete and robust platforms like MT5 have a cost to make available. Each brokerage firm or investment bank may require a monthly payment of a certain amount for the investor to be able to use it.

Before enabling the platform, you must read the term of membership and check that your profile is suitable for this platform, which is intended for bold investor profiles. like a bank, but better.

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