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How to Start Selling Online: 10 tips to help you12 min read

How to Start Selling Online: 10 tips to help you12 min read

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Entrepreneurship has become an attractive option for many people in recent years. This happens either because of the desire to create their own business and achieve financial freedom, or even because of the need to find a new source of income. With the facilities of the digital world, selling online has become more accessible for many people. After all, with the right tools, it is possible to create a store to sell products in just a few steps.

But that doesn’t mean that to be successful with internet sales, it’s enough to simply expose your products or services on a website or social media. Regardless of your niche market, you need to invest in strategies and planning to ensure that your efforts generate revenue and profitability.


Tips to start selling online

To help you get started selling online, we’ve highlighted some practices that will help you get started on the right foot. Check out:


1. Create a sales plan

In short, the sales plan is the documentation of the strategies to be adopted in your business to acquire new customers. To create it, you need to study the market, customer profile, marketing channels, and sales approach, among other factors. It is necessary to review this material periodically and analyze improvements and adaptations.


2. Define your internet sales channels

With the plan structured, the next step is to define the sales channels. They are how you will offer your products and services. You can choose to just open your online store or also enter your products in marketplaces, and sell via Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Especially those who are starting should invest in more than one channel to increase their chances and attract more customers.


3. Choose a good e-commerce platform

This is one of the most important choices for any online business. An e-commerce platform should provide all the features you need to start, grow and manage your business. It’s worth a lot of research to find the one that best suits you and your business. When making your choice, remember to check criteria such as:

  • Ease of product registration;
  • Inventory management;
  • Usability of the website;
  • Platform speed and stability;
  • Integrations available.


4. Choose a good online payment partner

Another essential point for successful sales is having a good payment partner. Don’t make life difficult for your customers by inserting too many steps at checkout. Facilitate checkout and offer the best and most varied payment methods. With efficient solutions, you ensure that customers feel confident and have a convenient shopping experience on your website. This will improve your conversion rates!

Also, when choosing a good partner for online payments, it is important to consider transaction security. This will avoid losses and ensure – once again – that your customers have the best experience, with the certainty that transactions are safe from fraudsters, without compromising your payment approval rate.

5. Think about Customer Service

For sure, an agile online service that solves problems without creating bureaucracy is one of the most important points for the consumer. When thinking about digital sales, take into account the channels of contact with the brand. Whether by email, telephone, WhatsApp, website, or social networks, customers must be served quickly and promptly.


6. Organize your logistics

Another key part of successful online sales is logistics. You need to think about delivery partners, offering attractive options to serve customers who come to your e-commerce.

Searching for affordable values and satisfactory delivery times is beneficial not only for your business but also for the consumer. After all, high freight rates or very long terms can cause withdrawal. Therefore, try to balance both factors and offer the best option.


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7. Create a brand

A great way to set your online store apart from the thousands of other competitors on the internet is to create a professional and recognizable brand. When creating a tag, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Be simple, memorable, and professional;
  • Be original (check if the domain name is available);
  • Be aligned with your company, its values, and aesthetics.


8. Always optimize the shopping experience

On the internet, the customer experience begins before the purchase and continues until after sales. Therefore, the entrepreneur must be aware of all stages of the consumer journey. In addition to having a constantly tested website with great usability, invest in a humanized service and conduct research with your customers to ensure the best shopping experience. Thus, you can identify what already works well but also points for improvement to achieve increasingly satisfactory results.


9. Always invest in security

Security is one of the most important aspects of any e-commerce. As your website will handle the customer’s financial information, you need to ensure security in online payments. So, take all the right precautions to protect your customers’ data and not put your credibility at risk. Having a good anti-fraud system is essential in this regard.


10. Consider consumer wants and needs

The entrepreneur must constantly think about the wants and needs of his customers and evaluate what can make him even more successful. This may be related to the products offered, contact channels, or more attractive payment methods. Think of ways to improve your service and innovate to meet your buyers’ needs and build loyalty.


Selling on the Internet is a great opportunity to make your business grow

As you’ve seen, the world of online sales brings a multitude of opportunities, whether for those starting a business from scratch or for those who want to migrate their physical store to the digital environment. In any case, following these tips will help you get a clearer picture of what you can achieve and put you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

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