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How to Open a Digital Banking Account with Speedy5 min read

How to Open a Digital Banking Account with Speedy5 min read

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The world has changed since the most sensational invention of our time, The Mighty Internet! 

So did our aspects of finances! 

It had never been a question mark whether going online was the future or not. We all knew that! What we were not aware of was that the process would have a dizzily velocity. The financial world was shaken fundamentally whereas the traditional bank system was the sector affected most. The banks tried to catch up with the advancements at first. They really tried! Actually, the leading banks worldwide are still cooperating with application developers to create digital banking apps not to lose the profit falling to their shares in this giant cake. However, they forget the pillar of today, convenience. 

To open a traditional bank account is a challenging process with various documents. To wait in the queue. Standing up in the bank for a single transaction for hours. Strict verification regulations! If you own a business, even worse! The paper work! The mess of invoices! Taxation reports! Checking if you have been paid or not! Your payment has been sent or not! Phew! No worries! Grey clouds are leaving! Speedy is here!

We have created a spectacular digital banking service in Speedy for you. As trustworthy as a regular bank but much more! Speedy knows every establishment carries different needs, characteristics and concerns. Therefore, it is impossible to serve the same digital banking path for every business. Here, with us, you will find customized payment solutions and offers for your subject sector.

Speedy team is the sum of professional specialists who have years of experience in the financial world. They are aware of the obstacles, delays and heavy regulations you may face whilst erecting your business from zero. 

Once you start cooperating with Speedy, get ready to be amazed with the ease and simplicity of our digital banking app. Going on a vacation? All you need is your mobile phone. Control your money transfers, receive/send your invoices and monitor all the cash flow at the comfort of a lounge chair besides the pool. Speedy carries your office wherever you go at fullest convenience. A dedicated accountant in pocket who is ready 24/7/365 to assist you for every single issue and report. 

Great! Isn’t it? 

To open a digital bank account in Speedy is simple and double-quick. All you have to do is click ”Sign Up” on the right hand side of the main page and insert your email address with a created password. We will send you an email including the required information to go further. Ordinarily, the Speedy verification process takes less than 24 hours! Once the business account is verified, you can use our beneficial services instantly. 

As simple as that! 

No waiting! 

No paperwork! 

No human errors!

Join the Speedy community today and step on a platform that centralizes user-satisfaction. Focus on expanding your business when Speedy handles other details. To register for a Speedy account will be the very best thing you have done for your business! 

We assure you that!