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How to choose your digital bank?

How to choose your digital bank?

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“In a world so full of options, how do you make the right choice?” If you’ve asked yourself this question when it came to opening a digital account, you’ve come to the right place. However, before revealing what you should consider when deciding on the best one, let’s start from the beginning.

You don’t need to be an expert to understand: amid so many routine transformations in recent times, the need to use more practical, fast, and efficient services have arisen. Of course, the financial market was no different.

That’s where digital banks come in. They started to offer something very valuable, the convenience of solving financial life without leaving home. People liked the idea, the concept spread and the options multiplied. So how do you make the right choice for your money and your lifestyle? To arrive at this answer, you need to evaluate some points and even discover that there are alternatives that go far beyond just a bank. What about?

What are digital banks?

A digital bank is a financial company through which you perform all the functions that you would perform in a traditional bank. The big difference? All processes take place within an online application or website, with a few clicks, at your fingertips.

In other words, a digital bank is a bank without physical branches. In it, you open an account, make transactions, pay bills, and much more, quickly, simply, and completely online.

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What to consider when choosing your digital bank?

Each institution has its particularities, so it is important to research thoroughly and consult with other people before choosing the one that is ideal for you.

With so many options, to choose the best one, it’s important to analyze some criteria to find out what suits your needs. Are they:



Before opening an account it is necessary to make sure that the institution is safe.

Every company must have policies, guidelines, and responsibilities to be followed that will ensure its customers against cyber attacks, such as data sharing, for example. Therefore, research the mechanisms that the bank of your choice uses to reinforce information security.



This is the time to analyze all the fees required to have an account in your digital banking options.

Currently, there are already some banks that allow you to open an account for free, without charging an annual fee, and with other advantages in addition to financial services.


Simplicity / Ease

With so many daily tasks already occupying people’s routines, practicality is essential in this choice.

And this goes far beyond just being 100% digital. The process starts with opening the account, as much as the bank manages to make this experience simpler, without the need to send physical documents, providing as little data as possible and in a secure way.

After opening an account, you will need an easy-to-use application, with simple access to financial services within it, ease of using online assistance when necessary, and much more.



For a choice like this, it is necessary to evaluate companies that already have good credibility within the market, analyzing their history, their services, and public opinions.

For this, it is worth asking people you know for suggestions and checking the profiles of the brands in the complaints channels, their social networks, their content, etc.


Variety of integrated non-financial products

Remember that “much more than a bank” story? That’s what we’re talking about here. If you can do it all in one place, why limit yourself? A major differential in the market is offering non-financial products that will help customers in areas other than just banking. In this way, we manage to be present in other moments of our customers’ lives, meeting new needs and making their experience more complete.


How Speedy’s Digital Banking Protects Your Business

Difference between digital banks and traditional banks?

Digital Banks:

  • Account opening wherever you are;
  • No fees charged;
  • Online support anytime;
  • Withdrawals from ATMs at other banks.

Traditional Banks:

  • Account opening in person;
  • Fee charged in most banks;
  • Face-to-face service during business hours;
  • Withdrawals only at the cashiers themselves. like a bank, but better.

Now that you already know how to choose your digital bank account, how about getting to know

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