How to choose the right invoicing software for your business18 min read

How to choose the right invoicing software for your business18 min read

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Issuing an invoice is a practice required by law and must be respected by all companies. But how to do this in a practical and error-free way? Using an invoice issuer is essential and we’ll explain why.

The invoice is what proves that a given service was provided, or that a specific product was sold. In addition, the document also records the amounts involved in this operation.

When issuing invoices, you are up to date with obligations to regulatory bodies, as well as related tax issues.

But, even with the creation of the digital invoice, many people still find it difficult to carry out the issuance and, because of this, end up getting complicated with the regulatory bodies.

For many people, all these accounting matters are difficult to understand, which makes managing a business much more complex.

Therefore, simplifying the entire invoice-issuing process, automating bureaucracies, and saving time are one of the best ways to prosper in business.

But don’t worry, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about issuing invoices and the best tips for choosing the most suitable software for your company! Continue with us!


What is an Invoice Issuer?

First of all, we need to understand what an invoice issuer is, so that we can start talking about the advantages of having one.

As the name implies, the issuer of invoices is software that exists with the functionality of, among other things, automating the issuance of invoices for your company.

However, many are mistaken if they believe that this is the only activity that this program is capable of carrying out.

In addition to integrating various information into your system, which already makes it a great task accelerator, the software is also capable of performing several other activities, such as financial control, cash control, inventory control, etc.

That is, just by looking at the number of activities it can automate and streamline, we can already get an idea of how much it should help your company, right?


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Importance of using an invoice issuer

Now that we understand what an invoice issuer is, it’s time to understand how it can help your business to continue structuring itself.

Therefore, we separate 5 important reasons for you to use an invoice issuer, regardless of whether you are a large company or a micro-entrepreneur.


Gain agility and automation of processes

The first of the advantages that we are going to present to you is already something very significant and that can make a big difference in your company.

With an issuer of invoices, all that bureaucratic process, which consumed a good amount of your company’s work time, is now reduced, since the process becomes more agile.

As the software itself fills in all the information on its own, you or any of your employees won’t have to spend time on it.

This entire procedure is automated by the system, saving time for the business.

Have you ever stopped to think about how things would be easier without having to fill in all those invoice items? Much better, isn’t it?


Logistics optimization

Another point to be taken into consideration is how the system allows a better organization of the logistics sector.

With the software, checking information is obtained much faster and simpler, facilitating practices such as checking stocks.

Depending on which program you have, it may have tools to help with inventory control and management.

This will make all these activities much more practical and well-done and make your life and that of your employees easier.


Greater tax control

With the issuance of an automated invoice, the chances of errors and mistakes are considerably reduced, guaranteeing the security of your tax status.

In addition, many software automatically calculates the taxes that must be paid, based on the value of the invoice.

Another point is that, as mentioned in previous topics, some software can also help with tasks such as cash flow and control.

This can also be useful when calculating the total taxes that the company needs to pay, making your work easier and ensuring the security of your relationship with regulatory bodies.


Productivity increase

This is one of the biggest gains your company can have, and it is somewhat implied in the other advantages.

With so many optimizations and automation taking place, along with the streamlining of so many bureaucratic processes, you and your employees are now able to allocate their time to more productive and strategic activities for the growth of your business.

That way, instead of spending time taking care of bureaucracies like those previously mentioned, you will be able to produce much more.


System Integration

Finally, another very important point of an invoice-issuing system is its integration.

With all this information in the software, it ensures that the data is up to date and that the financial information is effectively complemented, minimizing errors and any delays or other problems.


7 tips for choosing the best invoice issuer


If you’ve paid attention to everything we’ve said so far, you must have noticed that many times we’ve said that a certain function would depend on the chosen software.

This may have raised many questions for you, who may be wondering how to know which is the best invoice issuer to use.

It was with this in mind that we decided to separate here some tips that can help you understand what should be taken into account when choosing the best software.

In total there will be 7 tips that will help you to know what to pay attention to when making your choice!

You are curious? So stay with us and come see each of these amazing tips!


1. System automation level

The main idea of a system for issuing invoices is that it automates and streamlines your processes, to get rid of as many manual processes as possible.

Therefore, run away from software that doesn’t offer you a complete automation service, because the last thing we want is for you to have to solve things manually.

We are talking about issuing invoices and sending them to customers, among many other practices.

A good issuer of invoices will have all these activities automated, and won’t require you to perform manual tasks.


2. Communication with the accountant

Invoice issuance programs ensure that both you and your accountant have much more control over everything that happens in your company.

However, eventually, it may be necessary to send some program files to those who do your accounting, such as the XML files of invoices, for example. And that’s what the system should help with.

After all, good software should ensure that you can easily extract the necessary information for good communication with your accountant.

These exports should be done easily and quickly, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them!


3. Quality of support

Let’s agree that, no matter how good and efficient the system is, doubts may eventually arise on how to use it, even if it is working perfectly.

Therefore, it is very important that the company responsible for your program can provide you with quality support so that it can help you with questions and any problems that may occur.


4. Sending an invoice to the customer

We have already emphasized here the importance of having as many processes as possible automated so that you do not have to manually solve absolutely anything.

This also applies to sending the invoice to the customer via email.

By the way, this is something that should happen immediately after the invoice is issued! And of course, automatically.




5. Automatic cancellation of invoices

Those who work in the commerce area, whether in e-commerce or physical stores, have already encountered situations where they had to cancel a sale for whatever reason.

One of the most common scenarios for this to happen is when the sale is reversed in the middle of payment, which requires you to cancel the invoice if it has been issued.

If you have good software for issuing invoices, you won’t even have to worry about it. And you already know why, don’t you? Because this has to be automated!

We weren’t kidding about needing to automate everything!

As soon as the sale is reversed in the middle of payment, the program itself already cancels the invoice, preventing you from having to worry about it. Simply incredible!


6. Integration with your payment method

A good program for issuing invoices should be able to easily integrate with any of the means of payment used by your company.

Especially if you sell online, the system must be connected to the payment method, so that all invoice management takes place in the same environment.


7. Facility to import offline transactions

Eventually, you may need to sell offline, or by less traditional means. In this case, the program should be able to receive imported files and data without requiring a lot of work on your part.

That way, no matter how the sale takes place, it will always go through the system and have its invoice issued without major difficulties.

The invoice issuer is a great accelerator for your company, automating processes, and allowing you and your employees to focus on more productive activities.

However, it is very important to choose the software you will use well, to ensure that it provides a good service and offers all the support you need!



Before hiring an invoice issuer or switching to another service, you must get to know the software and the company behind it in depth.

Analyze market options on Google, find references on the subject, and, of course, on the company and its services. After all, you must hire something that meets all your needs and expectations. like a bank, but better.

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