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How to Choose a Digital Business Bank Account10 min read

How to Choose a Digital Business Bank Account10 min read

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Are you looking for the best digital account for your business?

If you do a quick Google search, you will find several options on the market. But you have to know how to choose so you don’t get frustrated later.

So there is some information you need to understand before making a decision.

Here are 5 tips for choosing the best digital business account and enjoying all its benefits.


Who is the digital business account for?

Before answering which is the best business account type, you need to ask yourself:

Is the business account for me?

If you identify with one or more of the criteria below, yes! The digital business account is for you:

  • For those who need more features than an individual digital account can offer;
  • For professionals who serve companies and need to issue an invoice;
  • For those who need to issue an invoice and professionally charge their customers;
  • For those who don’t have time to go to a bank branch, but would like to have control of their company’s finances;
  • For those looking for an account that facilitates the financial management of their company.

Now that you know who the digital business account is for, let’s get to the tips.

We separate 5 tips to help you choose the best digital business account:

What is the best digital business account?

The best digital business account will always be the one that meets your needs. So, even if a friend tells you that such an account is the best option, check if this account solves your day-to-day problems.

What is good for some may not always be good for others and however modern digital business accounts may be, it is important to see the application of this technology in everyday life. The idea is to make your financial life easier and not confuse you, right?

Ok, so our first tip for choosing is:

1. Can you manage accounts easily?

If you are not very familiar with numbers, this functionality is essential. After all, technology is of no use if we cannot apply it in our daily lives.

We’re talking about basic things like receipts, payments, and invoice due dates.

Anyway, if the account does not offer a complete dashboard where you can have full control of your cash flow and a broad and simplified view of your account, this account is not for you.

2. Can you issue an invoice or invoice?

Anyone who becomes an entrepreneur takes on many responsibilities that he or she never dreamed of having before.

Now, you provide services, sell products, and need to issue an invoice for all sales transactions.

Therefore, the best digital business account will be the one that offers this benefit. After all, why access multiple platforms if you can have everything in one place? Remember, the digital business account has to solve your day’s problems, not complicate it.

3. Does this account make it easy to receive payments?

Just as the digital business account should make your financial life easier, it cannot offer obstacles for those who need to pay invoices.

Imagine providing a service and making it a condition that you only receive payment in cash. You will most likely lose customers because you are not offering varied payment options.

So, when choosing the best digital business account, see if this account offers diversified receipt options, such as deposits into an account via bank slip, credit card, QR code, TED, bank transfer, and PEC Flash.

4. Does the account help you to offer a professional service?

In addition to issuing invoices, another thing that brings professionalism to your business is the way you charge your customers.

If you are one of those who have a hard time making payments, a fantastic feature that some accounts offer is the personalized invoice.

Have you ever thought about issuing a charge to a customer with your company’s logo on the invoice? Very professional, don’t you think?

So, this is another tip for choosing the best digital business account.

5. Does the account charge membership or maintenance fees?

This is a very important question when choosing the best digital business account. After all, who likes to pay fees? And with so many options on the market, it’s worth researching.

Some accounts do not charge membership or maintenance fees but limit the number of free transactions per month.

So, again, evaluate your company’s average monthly transactions before making a choice. The best digital business account will always be the one that meets the specific needs of your business.

But also the one that helps you manage your company’s finances in a simple way!

And this is our bonus tip:



Imagine having a complete dashboard that shows all the movements of your business account.

At this is already a reality!

This feature allows you to track open invoices, those that have already been paid, and those that are due, so you can control your accounts more closely and without surprises.

With’s payment account dashboard, you no longer need to manage finances from several different spreadsheets, everything you need is accessible in a few clicks. payment account offers:

✅ Dashboard for managing and controlling your charges;
✅ Customer registration and control;
✅ Notifications about the status of your charges;
✅ Personalized SpeedyPay Invoice issue with description and your company logo;
✅ Tax note issue;
✅ Your client chooses how to pay the invoice or invoice, which can be credit card, PIX QRCode, bank transfer, PEC Flash, or cryptocurrency;
✅ Account deposits via boleto, credit card, PIX QR code, TED, bank transfer, PEC Flash, and cryptocurrency;
✅ Online and exclusive support during business hours and much more! helps you manage your finances while you focus on what matters most: delighting your customers.

And the best: no monthly fee or membership fee.

Discover the benefits of the payment account

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