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How Speedy’s Digital Banking Protects Your Business5 min read

How Speedy’s Digital Banking Protects Your Business5 min read

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The banking aspect of the world has changed rapidly with the recent developments in the internet. There is no doubt that the traditional banking system is not enough for today’s people who are eager for ease and convenience. 

When you decide on a bank account, you need to pass through a challenging process. Gathering the required documents from authorities, finding out the limited working hours, standing on the queue, annual fees and cost. Besides being pricey and time consuming, traditional bank account openings can be extra struggling for expats, refugees, elders or people with obstacles. But what is the solution then? How can we skip all these exhausting efforts? The answer is simple and plain. 

Digital Banking

Digital banking can be simply defined as a digital context where banking services are delivered over the internet. This enables users to carry their bank accounts in their mobiles and monitor all transactions. They can easily operate money transfers from anywhere worldwide. The only necessity is an internet connection! On the other hand, opening a digital banking account is an easy process compared to traditional banking. Once you download the digital banking application, you can register with your personal details even lying on a sunbed. The verification will need some documents such as IDs or passports. That’s all. Plus, these services come with lower fees and costs compared to other options. 

Sounds quite attractive!


Our innovative digital banking service, Speedy, provides simple and transparent payment solutions for B2B, B2C, and C2C formats. No matter whether you are an online shopping enthusiast or an enginepart exporter, Speedy will satisfy your needs in money transfers, invoicing and approvals. 

One of the biggest concerns, rightfully, is safety in payments. Speedy serves a seamless security for your personal and financial details. We are cooperating with leading online safety actors on the field and we assure you that your information will be kept away and hidden from third parties. Due to our latest encryption technology of circulating data, there is no room for malicious attempts in Speedy. Furthermore, whilst you use Speedy for checkout, you will be asked to approve the transaction by your digital banking app. Therefore, it is impossible for someone else to operate money flow without you. 

Another great plus easing your business will be our invoicing technology. Unlike our opponents in the sector, with Speedy you do not need to insert every single information by hand. This renovative technology enables our users to create e-Invoicings by dropping their uploaded invoices into our app.   

We will prepare the file instantly including crucial details such as amount, date, products, clients and VATs. Just like that, you will have all invoices listed and categorized in a Speedy account of yours. This will fasten all time-consuming duration and leave more free time for your other pursuits.  

Speedy is here to protect your business and ease your work. Our team is dedicated to creating a platform where all our users can benefit from our convenient, transparent and solution-oriented services. 

We are stronger together!