Helpie FAQ

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The Basics

  • What kind of companies can open a commercial account?
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    We are currently operating only in Brazil (yet to be in all LATAM)  and have accounts for ME (Microenterprise), MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) and EIRELI (Limited Liability Individual Enterprise).


    If you are a single UBO or have up to 3 UBOs (soon) in Brazil, Speedy is for you! 

  • Who is Speedy for?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesBasically we are for those who want to do business! If you are a freelancer, a small business owner or an entrepreneur, we are here to make your business day-to-day easier.


    If you or your company are located in Brazil, welcome!

  • Which companies are not for Speedy?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesYou may not open or maintain a Speedy account if you engage in any business or activity related to the following items:

    • Escort with sexual intent;
    • Pornography / Prostitution;
    • Weapons, military and semi-military goods and services;
    • Weapons (including weapons of historical importance), military software or any other goods or services intended for military use;
    • Trading in precious metals, stones or art;
    • Manage an auction house;
    • Cashback services;
    • Drugs, any substance that imitates illegal drugs and any product intended to be used to create drugs (seeds, etc…);
    • Chemicals and related products;
    • Sale or trade in protected animals;
    • Arcade and slot machines;
    • Sale of used cars;
    • illegal gambling or trading;
    • Debt collection;
    • Tarot and fortune telling;
    • Negotiation of first-rate bank guarantees, debentures and medium-term letters of credit or notes;
    • Individuals, entities or countries subject to international sanctions;
    • Non-profit organizations and charities.
    • Unregistered charities;
    • Multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes;
    • Trade in restricted and/or endangered animal species and products derived from them;
    • Ponzi, pensions / illegal schemes;
    • Unregulated foreign exchange business;
    • Unregulated lending businesses;
    • Unregulated foreign exchange remittance business;

    You may not hold, exchange, transfer or manage customer funds in a Speedy account. Customer funds essentially mean any money that belongs to your customers.

  • What information is needed to open a Speedyteller account?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesBasic information about you and your company, for more details visit the Account Opening section. We use your personal data to verify your identity, protect you from fraud and provide financial services. All in compliance with regulatory requirements. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

  • What documents do I need to open a PJ account?

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    • Online form
    • Identity document (RG) or CNH (Carteira Nacional de Habilitação).
  • What does proof of address mean?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesProof of address is an essential prerequisite for opening a Speedyteller account, and must be for the past three months. Preferably use the following documents:

    • Water, gas and landline bills.
    • Property lease agreement.
    • Three consecutive invoices and a contract for a shared workspace supplier (Coworking)
    • IPTU
  • Can I use Speedyteller just to manage my invoices?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesYes you can. Through our invoice management tool at no extra cost.

  • How can I send my invoices to my customers?

    Reading Time: < 1 minutesSuper simple. You can either send an e-mail within our platform, or just copy the link to any application that you’d like to send it from.