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The Basics

  • What kind of companies can open a commercial account?

    We are currently operating only in Brazil (yet to be in all LATAM)  and have accounts for ME (Microenterprise), MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) and EIRELI (Limited Liability Individual Enterprise).


    If you are a single UBO or have up to 3 UBOs (soon) in Brazil, Speedy is for you! 

  • Who is Speedy for?

    Basically we are for those who want to do business! If you are a freelancer, a small business owner or an entrepreneur, we are here to make your business day-to-day easier.


    If you or your company are located in Brazil, welcome!

  • Which companies are not for Speedy?

    You may not open or maintain a Speedy account if you engage in any business or activity related to the following items:

    • Escort with sexual intent;
    • Pornography / Prostitution;
    • Weapons, military and semi-military goods and services;
    • Weapons (including weapons of historical importance), military software or any other goods or services intended for military use;
    • Trading in precious metals, stones or art;
    • Manage an auction house;
    • Cashback services;
    • Drugs, any substance that imitates illegal drugs and any product intended to be used to create drugs (seeds, etc…);
    • Chemicals and related products;
    • Sale or trade in protected animals;
    • Arcade and slot machines;
    • Sale of used cars;
    • illegal gambling or trading;
    • Debt collection;
    • Tarot and fortune telling;
    • Negotiation of first-rate bank guarantees, debentures and medium-term letters of credit or notes;
    • Individuals, entities or countries subject to international sanctions;
    • Non-profit organizations and charities.
    • Unregistered charities;
    • Multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes;
    • Trade in restricted and/or endangered animal species and products derived from them;
    • Ponzi, pensions / illegal schemes;
    • Unregulated foreign exchange business;
    • Unregulated lending businesses;
    • Unregulated foreign exchange remittance business;

    You may not hold, exchange, transfer or manage customer funds in a Speedy account. Customer funds essentially mean any money that belongs to your customers.

  • What information is needed to open a Speedyteller account?

    Basic information about you and your company, for more details visit the Account Opening section. We use your personal data to verify your identity, protect you from fraud and provide financial services. All in compliance with regulatory requirements. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

  • What documents do I need to open a PJ account?
    • Online form
    • Identity document (RG) or CNH (Carteira Nacional de Habilitação).
  • What does proof of address mean?

    Proof of address is an essential prerequisite for opening a Speedyteller account, and must be for the past three months. Preferably use the following documents:

    • Water, gas and landline bills.
    • Property lease agreement.
    • Three consecutive invoices and a contract for a shared workspace supplier (Coworking)
    • IPTU
  • Can I use Speedyteller just to manage my invoices?

    Yes you can. Through our invoice management tool at no extra cost.

  • How can I send my invoices to my customers?

    Super simple. You can either send an e-mail within our platform, or just copy the link to any application that you’d like to send it from.

  • Password, contact details, account settings and others

  • How do I change my password?

    Visit our login page and choose “Forgot Password”. Another way is to use the “Security” menu on the main panel (you need to be logged in to the account).

  • Why do I need to enter a code every time I log in?

    We use two-factor authentication for all login attempts, making your account more secure. This procedure is for your own safety.

  • Can I change my phone number?

    Sure. You will need:

    ○ Be logged into your account;

    ○ Access the “Security” menu;

    ○ Insert the new number;

    ○ We will send an SMS with a confirmation code;

  • Can I change my registration information?

    If you want to change your company data, such as address, business name, please contact our Customer Service. We may request additional documents to confirm the changes.


    If you want to change personal data (e-mail or phone number), just access the “Security” menu and make the changes.

  • I´ve changed my phone number and I don't have access to the old one. What should I do?

    No problem. Contact our Customer Service as soon as possible and have:

    ○ Your old phone number and your new phone number, including country codes.

    ○ Explain in detail why you do not have access to the old one or why you would like to change.

    ○ Selfie with your ID 

    Then we can change your phone number in your profile. This usually takes just a few hours and we will let you know if any other information is needed to complete the process.

  • I forgot my username, what should I do?

    Contact our Customer Service.

  • What is ID Speedy?

    It is your Speedy account identification number. You can find it in 2 ways:

    ○ In the Overview Menu, it is the first item on the screen.

    ○ Or in the profile area, where all your account information can be found

  • What if my account is blocked?

    We are very sorry to hear that.


    Your account may be flagged by our security system if we have reason to believe that your account details may have been compromised and/or are at risk for fraudulent activity, or if we have reason to suspect a deliberate breach of our T&C (terms and conditions).


    Contact our Customer Service as soon as possible.

  • How do I close my account?

    Too bad you’re leaving. =(

    Go to the Profile section, choose Security and “Delete” account.

  • Can I change my email address?

    Yes you can. You just need to verify your new e-mail address with the passcode we send to.

  • Data Protection, financial protection, technical issues and others

  • How long will my information be stored?

    According to the Brazil Central Bank, we must keep the information stored for a minimum period of 5 years.


    In order to prevent, detect and investigate suspicious transactions and activities, we must keep electronic records of all transactions in accordance with the Internal Policies that follow the best practices of the General Data Protection Law.

  • I didn't receive the verification code to access my account, now what?

    Have you tried resending the code?


    If you often receive your verification code via email, check out your Spam, Junk, and Promotions boxes. Be sure to add our domain “no-reply@speedy.io” to your “safe senders” list.

     If you do not receive it after these procedures, please contact our Customer Service team.


    If you usually receive your code via SMS, follow the procedures below:

    ○ Make sure you have a signal. If not, look for an open place where you can get a better signal.

    ○ Try turning your phone off and on again, sometimes putting it into airplane mode and then turning off airplane mode also works.

    ○ If you are traveling abroad, your roaming system may be blocking SMS, try using a local phone provider.


    If you need more help please contact our Customer Service team.

  • Is my money safe?

    Yes, your account at Speedy, unlike a checking account, has 100% of the amount deposited in guarantee of government bonds. This means that your money is completely safe.

  • Can I restrict access to my account through an IP list?

    Yes you can. Please get in touch with our Support Team in case.

  • Why didn't I receive a confirmation code?

    First, please check your Junk/Spam folder, If you can’t see our e-mail there,  make sure you add our domain ‘no-reply@speedyteller.com’ to your ‘safe senders’ list.  If you still have problems, please get in touch with our Support Team.

  • Can I see my recent logins?

    Definitely. Your security is our priority. Please see Settings page.

  • Payments, transfers, balances and others

  • Can I receive payments through Paypal, Amazon, Mercado Pago, etc.?


  • Can I make a payment to another Speedy account?

    Yes, quickly, easily and free of charge. All you need to know is the Speedy ID of who you will be making the payment for.

  • Does my account have automatic debit (DDA - Authorized Direct Debit)?


  • How much does the billing service cost?

    You pay nothing to bill your customers. This is a free service!

  • I didn't receive my payment for an invoice issued, now what? How long does it take for money to reach my Speedy account?

    Payment terms may vary depending on the payment method chosen by your customer:

    ○ PIX: instant payment;

    ○ Bank transfer: payment drops in a few minutes;

    ○ TED: Weekdays held until 5:00 pm, payment falls on the same day. After 5 pm, payment falls the next day. On weekends and holidays, payment falls on the next business day;

    ○ Boleto: Payment is due within 3 working days;

    ○ Pec Flash: Payment drops in a few hours.

    Please contact our Customer Service team if payment does not arrive on time. To help solve the problem, please have proof of payment or bank transfer at hand.

  • What are the limits for receiving payment?

    If your account is a simple account, your transactions are limited to R$ 5,000.00 per month. If you have not yet upgraded to a full account and wish to receive higher amounts, the procedure is simple and quick, do it today and have your receiving limits cleared.

  • Can I restrict access to my account through an IP list?

    Yes you can. Please get in touch with our Support Team in case.

  • Which payment methods can I use to send and receive money?

    We currently have available options: PIX, Bank Transfer (via Bradesco, Itaú, BanRisul and Banco do Brasil), TED, Boleto, Pec Flash and soon via Credit Card.

  • How long does it take for the money to reach my Speedyteller account?

    It depends on the payment method. For Boleto we usually have one working day. For bank transfers made until 4:00 pm, it will be done on the same day, only on working days.

  • Will I be charged for receiving payments from my customers?

    Not at all. Receiving payments for your invoices is completely free. And it will be completely free. check

  • What is "unique reference"

    Each manual bank transfer request generates a unique reference number for the payer.

  • How do I switch from a Simple to a Full payment account?

    It’s very simple! We just need to include some information in your registration: a) mother’s full name; b) CPF number c) home address; d) Telephone with area code Or a) CNPJ b) Company name c) Main activity (CNAE) d) Form and date of incorporation e) Constitutive acts and / or last amendment f) Documents related to legal representatives

  • Invoices, tax issues, customers and others

  • How can I send my invoices to my customers?

    Super simple! At the end of the invoice creation you will have the option to send an automatic email to your client directly from our platform or, just copy the generated link and paste it into any application from which you would like to send it.

  • Are invoice numbers automatically generated?

    Yes, we generate invoice numbers sequentially so you can keep track of your invoices.

  • Can I edit an invoice?

    It depends. Only unpaid invoices can be edited. That is, you can edit your invoice if it hasn’t already been paid by the customer. 


    NF cannot be edited, only cancelled.

  • Can I cancel an invoice?

    Only open SpeedyPay invoices can be cancelled. You cannot cancel paid SpeedyPay invoices. 


    Currently you cannot cancel an issued NF, but we will have news soon!

  • Can I change my Invoice numbers?

    Yes,  you can also enter your invoice number manually. However, the different numbering formats will not be updated automatically and you’ll need to make the changes manually each time and you cannot create an invoice with the same number.

  • Where can I view my complete statement?

    From the main menu, select the option “My Account” and scroll down the screen and see the details under “Operations”.

  • Where can I view all my invoices?

    You can view your invoices  in the “Invoices” menu. In this panel, you can have an overview of open, overdue, paid and canceled invoices. 

  • Can I use Speedy to manage my invoices?

    Yes you can. Just use our dashboard with no extra cost.

    You will have your invoices automatically classified into: Open, Paid, Canceled and Overdue. And, you can see your final balance. In addition, on your account’s “overview” home page, you can conveniently view the consolidated values for each status.