5 Best E-commerce Payment Methods6 min read

5 Best E-commerce Payment Methods6 min read

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It’s crucial to note that payment methods are one of the building blocks of an online shopping site. The more payment options available on an e-commerce site, the more likely it is to satisfy the needs of customers. Your business will benefit greatly if you allow people to make payments using the ways they choose on your website.

In the world of e-commerce, there are hundreds of payment options. For your convenience, we’ve produced a list of the five most frequently used e-commerce payment methods.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular methods of payment for e-commerce sites. The credit card’s ease of use, discount, and instalment features make it a suitable option among the other payment options. Customer transactions can be made in a matter of seconds by simply entering their credit card information into the relevant fields. It is also quite safe and secure to make payments with credit cards. Authentication by SMS and card verification via CVC code is used to protect card payments. 

Debit Cards

After credit cards, debit cards are the second-most common way of payment in the world of e-commerce. It’s quite similar to using a credit card in terms of the payment procedure.  A debit card can only be used to pay using funds that are already in the bank account, but a credit card may be used to charge the amount spent and collect payments at the end of the billing cycle.

Bank Transfers 

When making online purchases, bank transfers might be a good alternative even if they aren’t as common as other methods. For customers whose credit card is not available for online shopping or who do not wish to use their credit card online, a bank transfer is a great option. That’s why putting your bank transfer information on the site and making it a payment option is so important. 


E-wallet, also known as digital wallets, is one of the recent technologies, offering a whole different shopping experience. It’s getting more and more popular across the world thanks to its benefits. Electronic wallets provide your customers with the ease and speed they expect from a modern payment method. Security is also the most important factor in customers’ choosing e-wallets. Shoppers with data security concerns may now safely make purchases on e-commerce sites thanks to this technology. In addition, clients may use a single digital wallet application to handle many cards linked to their digital wallet. So, offering e-wallets as a payment option on your e-commerce website provides your clients with an extremely safe, widely used, and crucial option.


As one of the payment solutions, cash is frequently employed in cash-on-delivery transactions. In many regions, taking cash payments is preferable over other payment methods; yet, accepting cash payments on an e-commerce site might pose significant hazards. Our advice is to do some research on your target market before allowing customers to pay with cash on your website. 

To sum up, we should emphasize that your online store’s financial income can be boosted by providing customers with a variety of payment options. On the other hand, among all these options, as is clear from the main factors highlighted for each Speedy product and service, we can say that choosing payment options that work best for your business is critical, but you also need to take into account other elements that may affect your organization. The safest, fastest, and most well-known options would probably be the ones that you will go with for your business. The security piece that may not come hand in hand with other qualities would have a leverage impact for the Speedy products.